Skiline Infographic 2017

On the occasion of the “World Statistics Day 2017” we have created our first official Skiline Infographic 2017, which shows the performance of our Skiline community.

This year, we are pleased to welcome over 2.8 million registered Skiline users. 63% of these are men and 37% are women.

Skiline already exists in 14 countries and 260 ski resorts. These include Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Andorra, Norway, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Russia and Japan.

Last season 24.4 billion vertical meters (vm) were skied by our diligent Skiline users and 5 million ski days were entered into our system.

Also the fun came not too short – 10.6 million videos & photos were recorded and taken. At the 18 competitions, our users received over 580,000 badges for their daily achievements.

Thank you for being part of our community. 🙂

Skiline Infographic 2017

Source: Skiline Statistics from 1 October 2016 to 30 April 2017 (Season 2016/17)
Release Date: 20.10.2017

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